2020 is going to be the year that Kubernetes (which really means containers) becomes fully ingrained in the enterprise. DevOps becomes the default model for building and deploying enterprise applications (full code, low code, and no code). Enterprise customers will increasingly want both custom apps and COTS products to fit to a Kubernetes and DevOps test/deployment/implementation model. Cybersecurity continues to grow and is a critical part of every conversation, it will be required that security is baked into every layer.

Customers will increasingly expect to see this combined in a complete DevSecOps offering that abstracts the complexity of Kubernetes clusters (no kubectl), secures the cluster and the containers and the applications, manages across public and private cloud, and is self-healing/maintaining.

If you are selling technology – whether COTS products, cloud services, or app dev – and can’t do this (most cannot) you need to partner with firms that can aggregate technology and deliver it for customers in single solutions for customers without deployment, integration, and management headaches.