Dynamics CRM 2011: Abstracting Plugin Setup

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How people do it today…

Often times when looking at Dynamics CRM plugin code that someone else has written – or that I have written in the past, I’m presented with a large collection of setup and validation code at the start of the Execute method. Overtime it becomes obvious that this is simply cluttering up our core Plugin code with what is really overhead infrastructure work.

Dynamics CRM 2011: Check Team Membership

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The team in Dynamics CRM 2011 provides an ability to group users, assign record ownership to a group of users, and extend security roles to users based on their team membership (as opposed to individually assigning the role.)

Teams in Dynamics CRM 2011:

team is a group of users. This organizational structure enables groups of users across an organization to share information. Each team must be associated with only one business unit. A team can include users from any business unit, not only the business unit with which the team is associated. Users can be associated with more than one team.

More details can be found in the Dynamics CRM 2011 SDK Documentation.

Beyond allowing cross-business unit record access and assignment of security roles, the Team entity can provide a simple way to create a group of users.