Dynamics CRM 2011: Prep Plug-in for XrmToolbox

Originally published at http://goo.gl/bkewP1

​I can’t really take a lot of credit for this post. All of the difficult work was done by a couple of Dynamics gurus.

XRM Prep Plug-in

This is a plugin for XrmToolBox (http://xrmtoolbox.codeplex.com/) by Tanguy Touzard. Great thanks to Tanguy for releasing XrmToolBox and providing really solid documentation on how to create Plug-ins for it. XrmToolBox and his numerous other very useful Dynamics CRM tools, which all now run in XrmToolBox, are a great value to the Dynamics CRM community.

The idea, implementation logic, and solution file that are the basis for this plug-in are the work of Marc Schweigert from Microsoft. (more…)