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Dynamics CRM: Extensions to Improve IOrganizationService


I’ve become a big fan of extension methods over the years to make my development work in Dynamics CRM, easier to implement and easier to read (i.e., easier to support.) Extension methods allow us to, exactly as the name implies, extended an existing class or interface with new methods – its a simpler version of implementing a derived class. Read more

Dynamics CRM: FetchXML to Retrieve Access Team Members

The very smart folks over at PowerObjects recently posted a blog article on how to retrieve the membership of an Access Team using SQL.

When working in CRM Online or when we need to use the query for a view we have to make our SQL statements work as FetchXML. Read more

Duplication Instead of Automation: Retailers Need Dynamics CRM

This evening I was at a major national electronics retailer to purchase a new television. I recently moved into a new place and needed a television sized appropriately for the room (and, my old television being plasma, something that would run cooler to save money on air conditioning.) Read more