Occasionally, I need (or want – depending on your preference) a list of all the attributes (basic CRM metadata) in a Dynamics CRM organization. While there are several ways, including some great document generators, that will get such a list for you, SQL is always an option. If you are on-premises, or working in a developer VM, you can run this query against a CRM organization database to get the basic details. It can also be used as a starter for more complicated metadata query requirements.

SELECT		en.LogicalName
, en.ObjectTypeCode
, att.LogicalName
, typ.Description
, typ.XmlType
FROM		MetadataSchema.Entity en
JOIN MetadataSchema.Attribute att on en.EntityId = att.EntityId
JOIN MetadataSchema.AttributeTypes typ on att.AttributeTypeId = typ.AttributeTypeId
ORDER BY	en.LogicalName
, att.LogicalName
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