Duplication Instead of Automation: Retailers Need Dynamics CRM

This evening I was at a major national electronics retailer to purchase a new television. I recently moved into a new place and needed a television sized appropriately for the room (and, my old television being plasma, something that would run cooler to save money on air conditioning.) Read more

Dynamics CRM and ILMerge: The Easy Way to Merge DLLs for Plugins

Being able to use external DLLs in Dynamics CRM plugins is challenging but doable. Most people who have been doing development on the Dynamics CRM platform for any period of time know that it is not enough to simply reference the DLLs in Visual Studio – you must somehow make them available to run on the server – this can range from mildly annoying to impossible (if you using CRM Online.)

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Uber Event/Complex Location Pickup

This is a product idea I have for Uber. I’m hopeful they will, one day, implement it.


Allow users to better understand and communicate pick-up locations at complex locations (stadiums, airports, conference centers, etc.) and special events (Super Bowl, Golf Tournament, etc.)


In many of these instances it is very difficult for a requestor to understand and communicate their location to the driver in a manner that is consistent with the vehicle pick-up regulations.
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